We focus on fish welfare

In Novofish we strive for excellence and innovation applied to the welfare of each fish we cultivate.

We use and develop technologies and recirculation processes with continuous water treatment, this way, levels of temperature, oxygen, solid’s reduction, nitrates and water flow disinfection through ozonation and UV lightning, are made sure to stay optimal for fish cultivation and water effluent discharge.

Facilities and infrastructure

Since 2009 we’ve invested and developed continued projects using automated recirculation technologies, which treats 99% of water. With a cultivation standard of 2 full water replacements per hour on each fish tank.

Seaside facilities are in operation 40 km south of Puerto Montt, 6 separated land-based farms are configured as independent sanitary and epidemiological units. With a total capacity of 7.320 [m^3].

One facility is a specialized incubation and first feed unit. The other 5 are for the farming of juvenile salmon, Smolt.

Water reutilization

Standard Farming fish Process

Salmon egg incubation and first feed, alevin cultivation, smolt farming  and fish transfer to Wellboats.

Fish are kept in optimal farming conditions through standardized processes, focusing at all times on their wellbeing and growth

Environmental and Operational Standards

We work with the O.E.C.D. (*) standards for effluent discharge, energy, cultivation and feeding.

We keep international certifications (BAP and GLOBAL GAP) and independent epidemiological units.

(*) Unión Europea, Canadá, EEUU y Australia.